Artifex Gift Guide

We know how hard it can be to choose the perfect gift for a loved one or friend over the holiday period.  Not only are you looking for Christmas presents and stocking fillers, but you might also have to find gifts for those that are celebrating a Birthdays or Anniversary's around this time too.  It can be very overwhelming, but we have your back.

Artifex have pulled together our Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary and stocking filler gift guide to give inspo to find something special.  

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What: Organic Bowls

Who for: Anyone that loves a unique feature piece in their home

Why: Everyone loves to open something truly special on Christmas Day.  The Artifex Interiors Organic Bowl is constructed in solid timber wholly by hand and no two bowls will ever be the same.  They are designed to be a feature in any room.  Perfect for storing jewellery, keys, fruit or placed alongside your other décor as a unique piece.  These multifaceted, hand turned bowls add flow, movement and

How: Online, in store, via our IG Shop or made to order

How much? $350-$850  


What: Throws & Bed Covers

Who for: Who doesn’t love a throw or a bed cover?  

Why: A selection of lamb’s wool, woollen and Turkish cotton throws are the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom, all year round.  Some of us love to add to the aesthetic of a space with a throw or bed covers, the rest of us will actually use them every day. 

Bed covers are a great addition to the bedroom, especially if you run on the warmer side and need a cooler option whilst you rest.  If you sleep next to someone, you may have different needs when it comes to warmth and coverage at night.  It is nice to have a couple of options so you are not stealing the covers from one another.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop

How much? Throws $139 - $259 & Bed Covers $259


What: Fish Sculpture

Who for: Ocean lovers, beach house owners, Pisces, fisherman

Why: The Artifex handmade fish sculptures are constructed from a selection of natural materials from Seal Rocks beach in NSW, set on a solid timber base.  Created in small, medium and large sizes, each fish is created impromptu with a type of fish in mind and is unrepeatable.  A bold, fun addition to your home or beach house, these sculptures capture the attention of many admirers and create continuous conversation.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop 

How much? From $715

What: Organic Wall Hooks

Who for: For those that like to hang and display items on the wall, with a difference

Why: Our organic multifaceted wall hanging hooks add flow, movement, and balance to any interior.  These are constructed wholly by hand and no two will ever be the same.  Designed to be arranged on the wall or door in any pattern and timber combination you desire, perfect for hallways, bedrooms, kitchens and more.  Mix and match or scatter them about, whatever you decide they are a stunning feature to any interior space.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop and made to order

How much? $145


What: Bakers Boards & Rolling Pin

Who for: The Baker in the family, especially the Nan’s and Nonna’s 

Why:  Over the counter design, our bakers board features lipped edges that wrap around the counter for stability.  Constructed in a selection of our solid timbers, this is perfect for those baking enthusiasts or to simply style your kitchen bench.  We love the idea that the lip aims to prevent flour from spreading across the bench, containing your ingredients to minimise clean up.

Pair the bakers board with our hand-crafted rolling pin.  Constructed in a selection of our solid timbers, this hand turned rolling pin is the perfect accessory to our bakers board with the option of handles or French style, without the handles.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop and made to order

How much?
 Bakers Board from $418 & Rolling Pin $198



What: Brass Soap Holder

Who for: The bar soap lover

Why: Bring a touch of metal to your space.  This solid brass soap holder is the perfect styling piece for any bathroom or kitchen.  Avoid soap, grime and dirt build up on your bathroom or kitchen tiles and benches.   The brass soap holder only needs a simple regular clean in a solution of warm water.  The beauty of this piece, is the brass will naturally develop a patina over time and is part of the charm of the material.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop

How much? $39


What: Ceramic Bowls – Little White Dish

Who for: Lovers of ceramics, unique items and dogs

Why: If you are a lover of ceramics, you will find it quite hard to walk past any ceramic item.  Handmade, these unique pieces are never the same.  Investigating the beauty and intricacies of the item is imperative, there will always be something about that piece that draws you and lets you know that this is the one for you, the one that will make you smile every day.

Also, we have noticed that puppies and dogs love these bowls.  The boujee dog bowl is a great alternative to what your pup currently has.  Guaranteed they will be stoked with your decision to take their meal time to the next level.

How: In store and made to order

How much? $99



What: Artifex Chopping Boards

Who for: Those that love to use a timber chopping board in their kitchen, you can never have too many

Why: They are uniquely made with our offcuts of timber where we focus on maximising the use of our sustainable materials.  Carefully handcrafted in different shapes and sizes to suit every function.  No two are the same.  You will find some boards are constructed using several timbers, others just the one species.  Use your chopping board in your kitchen to prepare meals or as serving and cheese boards.

How: In-store or made to order

How much? $40 - $120


What: Resin Trays

Who for: Those that love to display, house or serve on something pretty

Why: Our Flow Resin Tray in a few colour options is distinctive and organic with its curved lines and marble finish. Each Flow Resin Tray is handmade and no two patterns are the same.   Designed as a bathroom tray or caddy, we believe they can be great to use in most rooms of the home.  Add a touch of elegance when holding, displaying or serving items.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop

How much? $79


What: Artifex Grazing Platter

Who for: The entertainer; the lover of cheese; the one that has a charcuterie board for dinner or is mastering the art of the trending butter board; the show-off!

Why: This is the perfect accessory to any party or function.   Our lush grazing platters are large enough for any occasion.  Constructed in a selection of our solid timbers in a rectangle shape, they are designed to be a statement piece.  As they are made from natural timber, each board will differ from the images shown.

How: Online, in store, via our IG Shop - made to order

How much? From $900


What: Salad Servers

Who for: Salad lovers and entertainers

Why: Our Marshmallow Flow Resin Salad Server is distinctive and organic with its marble finish. Each Marshmallow Flow Resin Salad Server is handmade and no two patterns are the same.  Take your salads to the next level when entertaining, adding a server that is just as lovely as the salad you are serving.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop

How much? $59


What: Hayden Youlley Ceramics

Who for: Lovers of outside the box ceramics

Why:  The Paper series is a functional dinnerware series that uses a simple creased paper form cast by hand in porcelain, transforming the often-discarded flawed object, fragile and temporary, into something robust and permanent.

This work is about using porcelain to create a surprising tactile experience. The simple, random distribution of creases in the porcelain surface of the objects creates complex patterns of light, shade and texture that disrupt the smooth surface to mimic crushed paper and invite investigation and touch.  We love the fully functional element of the Paper series being full dishwasher and microwave safe.

You have the option of a pitcher, a vase, bowls and salad bowls.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop

How much? $47 - $130


What: Art by Natalie Uhrik

Who for: Local Art lovers and those looking to add movement and colour to white space 

Why: Passionate about art from a young age, Australian based artist, Natalie Uhrik has always been pulled by her creative side.

The principal theme in Natalie's work is nature and landscapes. She often revisits past trips taken when painting, both Australian and abroad. With a range of painting techniques, line, texture and colour, her pieces mimic the elements of nature and create a kind of ambience.  If this speaks to you, then Natalie’s art may be the missing piece to your space.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop

How much? $2,550 to $2,800


What: Flow Fruit Bowl

Who for: Lovers of resin and fruit

Why: Our Flow Resin Fruit Bowl in Marshmallow is distinctive and organic with its curved lines and marble finish. This statement piece will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen, dining table, or living space. Each Flow Resin Fruit Bowl is handmade and no two patterns are the same. 

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop

How much? $169


What: Resin Planter

Who for: Plant lovers

Why: Our Flow Resin Bin/Planter in Earth is distinctive and organic with its curved lines and marble finish.  Perfect as a Planter or a Bin, this statement piece will make a versatile addition to your bathroom. Each item is handmade and no 2 patterns are the same.   This gorgeous piece could have many uses; stationery holder, bin, vase, bird bath or bathroom storage.

How: Online, in store or via our IG Shop

How much? $169

Happy shopping.