Interior Design Trends 2022, Meet Furniture Design

We see interior fashions change annually. They are movements followed by Designers, Craftsmen, students and those with an aspiration to be “on trend”. A trend is generally described as a fashion; a general direction in which something is developing or changing and; a topic that is the subject of many posts on a social media platform.

At Artifex Interiors, we look at trends, new and recycled, as a platform to build on. Appealing to the majority is important but it is also key to stay true to our brand and use our expertise to lead in design trends.

We have all been stuck in our homes on and off for close to 18 months now and unable to jet off to our favourite destinations for that much needed break. For many of us, perfecting the space we live in has been a priority, distraction and a welcomed project. Investing in a home renovation that has been low on our “to do list”; a much-needed room facelift; squeezing in a home office or changing our vibe with new furniture pieces have been the most popular.

Spending all of this time in our abode has given us a greater appreciation for our space. Not only do we want to feel good when we are at home, we now want to share our creations with family and friends.

So, let’s talk about some of the design trends for 2022 and how we incorporate them into our furniture design and manufacturing.

Sustainable and Organic Materials

As the world changes, we are seeing a continuous drive towards sustainable and organic materials. There has been a real mindset shift, especially in the last couple of years. It is now imperative for us to buy Australian Made and source items that are going to stand the test of time.

Collaboratively, we are more aware and want to know where and how the product or materials were sourced and made.

Our pieces are made from carefully selected and sustainably sourced materials. It is our ethos at Artifex Interiors to maximise the use of our materials, using our off cuts to create small homewares, chopping boards and grazing platters.

It's our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve and protect this world for future generations to come.

Made local, made to last!

Connection to Nature

Bringing the outdoors in has always been a thing, however, we need our connection with nature to be restored more than ever now. Natural timber furnishings and finishes throughout the home décor, is helping us connect with the earth through outdoor living.

At Artifex Interiors, our brand = natural materials. Our products are constructed in a variety of timbers, marbles, metals and fabrics. We offer flexibility with colour palette, tones and texture to support changing trends.

We recommend investing in a feature timber dining table with contrast timber dining chair; marble coffee and side tables or mixing materials throughout the home to achieve that connection with nature. Adding indoor plants in custom pots will add greenery and leafy character to your space while boosting your mood and eliminating air pollutants!

Timber dining table


Artisan and Handmade Objects

Artisan and handmade objects are all of the rage right now. Gone are the days where we get excited to purchase an item that is mass produced overseas, that everyone has in their home too.

Unique pieces with imperfections, made with organic shapes and materials are desirable.

Artifex Interiors make handmade artisan objects and sculptures as well as support local creative artists and designers like Adam at Modanest with his danish cord hand-woven seating and Hayden Youlley with his paper series ceramics.




Curves are luxurious and soft, giving an organic feel and a trend that is very popular in 2021 and continuing into 2022.

Curves and soft edges are playful and also a great choice if you have children or grandchildren running around your home, a safer option to hard, sharp edges.

You can find the curve trend in many of our products at Artifex Interiors. Take a look at the SJS x Artifex Millie Coffee Table or Coco Bedside Tables. Our dining table range features many curvy options like the Holgate, Y Table, Arrow Oval, Dolce and Helion.


Home Office

Working from home was forced upon many of us and some are never returning to the office. Businesses have realised their staff can be productive at home and reduce the overheads in office at the same time.

To efficiently operate in the home, we need a home office. You can only sit on the couch with your laptop for so long, not to mention this is ergonomically incorrect.

Artifex will work with you to determine the desk space, ergonomics, functionality and storage requirements along with materials and a design that compliments your home whether this is built in or free standing. Our Horizon, Tess, Spyder or Amirah desks are great freestanding options.




Velvet comes and goes with trends and is on the “textile of choice” list for 2022.

The beauty of velvet is it can be incorporated in many ways. Going bold in colour or size with a furniture piece like a custom headboard, our Alexa Chaise Lounge or our Eli Bench Seat are popular choices. If you are not game enough, you can refine a design with pops of this fabric in decorative cushions, throws and décor.

Velvet brings warmth and texture to a bedroom or living room and you can opt for earthy tones, you don’t always have to be loud with velvet.


Lines and Zigzags

We love the curves but also increasingly popular is hard lines and zigzags. Paired with curves can make for a bold contrast.

Lines and zigzags can be incorporated in many ways within the home. Wall panelling, internal finishes, cabinetry, furnishings and homewares.

Our SJS x Artifex Scarlett "Zigzag" Sofa Table features both lines and zigzags, with a dark moody finish and aged brass accents.


Colours of the Earth

The need to spend more time in nature and feeling more grounded is rubbing off in the choice of colour palette for 2022.

Earthy browns, rusty oranges, olive greens and various grey tones are making their mark as the base or accent colour in interior design.

Darker timbers are becoming more appreciated, which we love. The warm tones of American black Walnut or the modern look and feel of our dark or grey oak finish will be popular picks for furniture pieces in the coming years. If you still love a lighter American white Oak or Superno finish, you can carefully pair or contrast a darker timber in the same space, you just need to get the balance and placement right.

The Pantone Colour of the Year in 2021 was Ultimate Gray. We love pairing painted finishes with our timbers like our Dolce Coffee Table or Dolce Side Table with reeded base.

Timber bedside table



As trends come and go, you want to ensure you are investing in furniture and homewares that are Australian made, from quality materials and craftsmen. If trends are important to you, take the trend and make it your own.

At Artifex Interiors, we will help you create the look and feel you are wanting to achieve. Made local, made to last!